Football analytics

You will be surprised to know that more than half of the people in the world are visual learners. This is something football analytics and coaches can take advantage of. They have to understand that an athlete or aspiring footballer won’t learn all the techniques of the game just by listening to the coach. They have to learn how the game is being played. This is why video analysis is so important in the sports domain. It helps in building a competitive edge. Few common benefits offered by video analysis are injury prevention, investigating upcoming opponents and more effective practices, among others.

Who Can Use Video Analysis?

Gone are the days when only elite and professional level football teams could only use video analysis as the equipment and technology used was too expensive. Nowadays, not only has the cost of cameras gone down drastically but smartphones and tablets have become more prevalent. You can capture videos anywhere and anytime. Coaches and football analytics in Essex have also started integrating videos into their regular practice sessions. Some of the coaches even use iPad to capture and analyse the videos.

Provide Immediate Feedback Through Video Analysis

Football analytics all over the world advice using video analysis as it helps in providing players with immediate feedback. Coaches can study the videos and show them to the players so that they can correct their mistakes instantly. Players, on the other hand, can retain information better in their mind as they can see what they are doing.

Addressing mistakes and weaknesses become easy for football coaches as they can provide feedback quickly and efficiently. They can track progress and skill development of every individual player. Some even record video over a period of time and build a library of content. They later use those to show players where they have undergone improvements.

Track Progress With Mobile Video Analysis

It is not only about football, mobile video analysis is effective in tracking progress in every sport. According to a survey conducted a few years back, millions of youth athletes suffer serious injury every year. A majority of these could have been easily averted if they knew how to use video analysis. The best time to fix the bad habits of a player is during the practice sessions. Your football analytics can also help you with your training and preparation.